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Newbourne Woodland Campsite
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About Us

We had a horticultural nursery in Newbourne for more than thirty five years. Thirty years ago we planted nearly three acres of trees and it is now a beautiful semi mature woodland. Our friends and family love the site, and have enjoyed camping in and around the woods, so we decided to share it with the community to offer others the experience and pleasure of camping by the trees.

Our son now runs the nursery, which provides salad crops and vegetables for local restaurants, pubs and shops. Visitors can buy our produce at the farm gate stall outside the main nursery site in the village.

Our farmhouse is on site so we have the infrastructure here for camping, with excellent ‘his’ and ‘hers’ washrooms with 24-hour hot showers.

There are no electric hook ups – it’s back to nature with the torch and the campfire – with mod cons!

The site is family run, with the farmhouse nearby so someone is always around to welcome you or to help with problems.

The site is eco friendly; please would you help us by recycling your rubbish into the bins provided.

We would like you to enjoy our woodlands and the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Do visit us here at Newbourne Woodland Campsite and take some time to relax and ‘smell the roses’!

We look forward to meeting you

Jen and Larry Risdale


“The campsite sign is made up of a large stone brought over from our garden in France a few years ago. We used it as a garden seat, but it was originally the coffin stone of a nun buried in the grounds of a ruined priory opposite the house.

So, if you see the shadow of a little nun wandering around…