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Kippers, awards and where have all the onesies gone?


January 2019

Wasn’t 2018 a fabulous Summer for camping? A bit hot on occasions maybe but with the temperature at the moment being almost at freezing point I know what I’d prefer! It did have its downsides – after two months with no rain the grass started to look a bit tatty, and the water level in the pond got so low that the ducks deserted us. But the cooler shade and dappled sunlight in the wood was perfect, campers who usually choose to pitch on the field to take advantage of the sun made straight for the wood – it was lovely to see the tents dotted about between the trees.

Have onesies gone out of fashion? I never had one so I don’t know, but if they have it would be a shame because it seems to me that they’re ideal camping wear for early mornings and evenings. I really missed seeing the tigers and teddy bears wandering across the field last year! If you’re coming to stay with us this year and you have one tucked away in the cupboard do bring it with you.

Some of you will know that the campsite was a horticultural nursery in a previous life, and you just might remember The Great Storm of 1987. We happened to be away in Jersey that weekend, and we returned to a tangled mess of glass and metal – previously glasshouses! The equipment shed was nowhere to be seen. All that remained was the rotavator sitting on the concrete base… If you have camped on the big field you may have seen the pile of logs, tree trunks and brambles in the far corner near the road? That’s where it was. We acquired a small wooden shed recently and, in the deliberations about where it should be sited, Larry remembered the concrete shed base – the perfect place! So the wood pile has been cleared and cut up and most of it will be great seasoned fuel for campfires this year.

So what can the new shed be used for? I’d love to have donkeys again – we had Rosie and Liz for years. Perhaps we could fence the top level of the field and the new shed could be their shelter. But maybe donkeys and tents aren’t an ideal mix, so I think Larry might get his wish for a smokehouse – that’s as in fish and cheese etc, not cigarettes! I’m not too sure about a smokehouse, how many kippers can two people eat? So we shall see.

We were surprised and delighted last month to be told we had won the Best Couples Campsite! Who knew there was such a thing? It was a very nice accolade to receive, as was the 2018 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. However that one does depend on the number of reviews the site gets, as well as how many stars per review, so it is not necessarily representative of very much if you’re a small site such as ours. Personally I get very fed up with receiving so many emails asking me to give my opinion on every single purchase and service, so I am reluctant to ask campers to review us – but we really do appreciate it if you do!

Lastly a great piece of news – there is going to be a new cafe in the village! Nourish Cafe is opening in February on the site of the old farm shop – coffee and cake anyone? The campsite opens at Easter, and we are really looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Bank holidays and weekends are getting booked already, so don’t leave it too long …

If it’s not too late we wish you all a very healthy and peaceful year – with lots of happy camping!

Jen Risdale