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Cherry Tree, Prices, Snuffles and Grunts

October 2015

This year was our busiest season yet, and Larry and I have had a great time! How many people are lucky enough to say they love their job? We are, and it’s mainly down to the lovely people who have stayed on our site – many of whom have made return visits and become firm friends.

Tents are getting bigger! Have you noticed that? Some of our regular campers started with just a little two man tent for sleeping, but found that if the weather was a bit British they either had to sit hunched up in the tent or sit somewhere else (there’s always the Elephant Shed of course). Many then moved on to a bigger tent with more space for chairs and a bit of recreation room. Then of course there’s the gazebo, the shelter, the wind breaks, the camp kitchens – all of which mean the pitch gets bigger and bigger … That’s hardly ever a problem with us as we don’t book more than 20 pitches, so there is plenty of space. But it does mean that in order to be fair we have had to rethink our pricing structure. So for 2016 the price of a tent pitch will be £25 per night – with the exception of the little one or two berth tents, the ones that you can just sleep in. They will remain at £20. I’m sure you will agree that will be a fairer way of doing things, and hopefully you will still find us good value. We don’t charge any extra for anything – dogs, visitors, parking, use of campfire or barbecue – all free and come within the standard pricing. The only extra charge is logs for the campfire, and even they are still just a reasonable £5 per crate.

We have been really grateful for the lovely reviews of the new Cherry Tree Cabin. I hope visitors have found all the home comforts needed, I have loved putting it all together. Larry and I did mean to spend a weekend there ourselves, just to see what it’s really like, but there hasn’t been a free weekend, so we are pleased to get reviews to let us know how you find it. Do please let us know if there is anything else, both in the cabins and on the campsite, that you think we could do or provide to make it better or to make your stay more enjoyable.

We kept the price of Cherry Tree very low for the first season in order to attract visitors, but it will rise to £50 per night in 2016 and I think you will agree it is still great value. Kingfisher too will see a price rise, but in future it will also include a starter food hamper to keep you going till you can tear yourselves away to go shopping! The hamper will include the best of the basics plus a couple of little luxuries! The local farm shop have cut their opening hours recently and I know it has been a popular shopping spot for our campers, so the hamper will go a small way towards minimising any inconvenience.

We had a number of reports from campers this year of nocturnal snuffles and grunts outside tents. They were referring to the resident wildlife – not the snores of the next door campers -and we would love to know just what does live in and visit the woods. We are hoping to get a cameraman friend to set up a night vision camera at some time over the Winter months so we can really see what’s going on out there!

The kingfisher has been around quite a bit this year, a treat for those staying in Kingfisher Cabin by the reservoir. The ‘kee ow’ sound of the buzzard is heard around here more and more frequently too, nice to know they are here. And the owls – my goodness the owls – they have been well and truly hollering this year!

We have a new website! With so many people now accessing websites from smartphones the websites have to be compatible, hence our new updated site, I hope you will like it. Those of you who knew the old website may remember seeing photos of the greenhouses which made up the nursery which was our business in a previous life! However the glass has now been taken down and Larry has done a great job of levelling the ground and sowing grass seed. Trees to be planted next year … Our main nursery in Newbourne village is still thriving, and is run by our son Ru, and you can still visit his honesty stall on Mill Road for local veg. We will not be expanding the campsite or using the new area for pitches, but you are welcome to walk or sit in the new area and just enjoy the space.

If you have any photos of your stay I would love to see them. One of our campers suggested we have a photo board in the Information Shed, do send me any you would like included.

So, loyal campers, as ever we very much welcome your views and suggestions, please do let us have your thoughts won’t you? It’s our turn for a holiday now, but we look forward to welcoming you back to Newbourne Woodland Campsite in 2016 – the season will start at the end of April. Have a good Winter, we are already excited about next season and hope to see many of you again. Thank you for looking after our site and just being, well … great visitors.